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Our field shelter Range comes in two robust options the static and the mobile, after speaking with our clients our design team were made aware of the alternative options would create beneficial opportunities to both owners and equines, having the mobile option has many advantages, due to being portable you can move from pasture to pasture, move to high ground in wet weather, relocate from bogged or scorched grazing, The Shelter can serve many a purpose such as temporary stable solution, storage, and housing, one of the main advantages of this Mobile unit you need not apply for planning permission (in most cases). Field Shelters can also have gates added to them to make them temporary stabling.

Field Shelters Including As Standard: 3ft Overhang, Black Onduline Apex Roofing, Front Guttering, 11mm OSB Kick Boards to 4ft, 8ft Openings, 16mm Tongue & Groove VAC VAC Treated Cladding

Optional Extras: Galvanised Steel Skids, Timber Skids, Ground Anchors, Skylights, Anti Chew Surrounds, Air Vents, Rubber Matting, Galvanised/Timber Gate

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Our design team are on hand to help with every step of the design process. For any further enquiries please do not hesitate to email us HERE or call 0191 584 9073

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